Vacation Photography in London

Vacation Photographer London

Vacation Photography and Family Portraits in London, UK

It's been a fantastic few months trying my hand at a rather new genre of photography; family vacation photoshoots. I am part of a couple of online agencies that provide vacation photography services right here in London. I wasn't sure what to think at first but it has been an enjoyable experience very different to the Wedding and Portrait work I usually do. It has forced me to think about my city in a different light and in a sense, rediscover it.

My preference for family portrait sessions has always been nature, whether it be a beach, mountain or park, it's where I'm more comfortable. I love the rich greens of walking through a forest or a golden sunset at the beach. It just works. So I've had to learn rather quickly about the best spots to shoot in London from a tourist perspective whilst also trying to introduce a few alternative spots too. It's been fun and I now feel like I know a lot more about London photographically. It has certainly made me appreciate all of our amazing locations like Tower Hill, St. Paul's Cathedral, Notting Hill, Covent Garden and a few other hidden spots. The best experience so far has been photographing a secret wedding proposal in Notting Hill on what was a gorgeous day with golden light...a shoot to remember!

Here are a few highlights from the past few months of vacation photography right here in London!


Sam Spicer is Family Portrait and Vacation Photographer based in London, UK. 

All images were shot in conjunction with Sweet Escape and Shoot My Travel!