A Road trip through Switzerland

Despite being a full time Wedding Photographer by trade, I still have a huge passion for travel and landscape photography. I have been fortunate this year to go on some fantastic trips across Europe with this Swiss trip in particular being quite a highlight. I don’t really know why it has taken me so long to venture over to Switzerland as it has so much of what I love - mountains, alpine forests, waterfalls and crystal clear lakes. Perfect.

Luckily for me I was able to travel with my former Swiss boss and good friend, Mark. His tour around Switzerland didn’t disappoint as we traveled through Davos, Engadine and the spectacular Val Di Campo.

Val Di Campo was the highlight of the trip for me and we stayed at an excellent mountain lodge called the Rifugio Saoseo which was a perfect base for hiking around the area. We even ventured over the border to Italy for a spot of lunch during our full day hike. I’d happily go back and do exactly the same again!

The trip was a travel and landscape photographer’s dream. I used my Sony A7rii with the Sony Zeiss FE16-35 F4 lens throughout the entire trip. I really enjoy the colours that come out of that combination - there’s something about that Sony A7rii sensor in it’s rendering of colour / tonal graduations that I just love. The Zeiss also gives a fantastic punch to the images straight out of camera.

Here are a few highlights from the trip!

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