Cinematic and timeless family portraits 

my approach to family portrait Photography

I love my job! I get to photograph happy families for a living, and who doesn't like being around happy people?! Much like my approach to Wedding Photography, I aim for a perfect blend of both candid and posed shots that capture happiness with a bit cinematic flare to them. My ideal shoot is to take a walk through nature together, perhaps a local forest or park, stopping whenever there is a nice composition but also be on the look out for those perfect moments in between. I also provide services for families on vacation here in London and know some great spots to capture that London vibe!

I'm laid back, down to earth and like to keep the atmosphere relaxed. A shoot usually lasts around 1-2 hours which is ample time to capture some fantastic memories! If you like my vision for family portrait photography, please say hello and send me a message.

Sam spicer is a london based family portrait photographer

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