My Approach to Family Portrait Photography

Family Portrait Kent

Family Portrait Photography

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of photographing some wonderful families and capturing some beautiful smiles that will hopefully live on in their homes for years to come. For most of the year, I am a wedding and family portrait photographer based in London and Kent but I also provide photography services throughout the UK. 

When it comes to Family portrait photography, I have a particular approach that helps me get the type of shots that I do. I really want my photos to have a timeless quality to them, capturing natural moments; the burst of laughter after you can't hold a pose any longer or the smiles when your children make some crazy pose! I really want the intimacy and warmth that comes out of these brief moments to come out in my photos.  

Kent Family Portrait

Natural, Timeless Family Portraits

In order to capture something more natural I always suggest that we take a walk in one of your favourite spots that you go to regularly. Perhaps a local forest or park, a beach or favourite village. Of course I'm always ready with a few outdoor suggestions if needs be! A few months ago I did a photoshoot for a family who were about to move homes and wanted a photoshoot to remember their time there. We simply took a walk around the area and took photos as we went along, taking a few posed shots and a lot of photos in between. There are a lot of different styles and approaches out there but this approach always works well for me. I think it helps people relax too.

London Family Portrait

It gives me a lot of joy to take meaningful photos like the above that help a family look back at a certain point in time. It keeps me motivated to keep taking photos!

Warm and Authentic Family Photos

When it comes to colours and editing, I keep longevity in mind. I don't like the clinical accuracy of photos straight from a digital camera and dislike when editing is overdone, perhaps the colours being too saturated, faded or muted. My focus is on keeping a timeless set of colours, slightly film like but still keeping the colours warm and faithful. 

My favourite time to take photos is in the late afternoon before sunset. I know, this is England so we won't always have that perfect golden light but we can always try! Golden light just before sunset can create a lovely warm glow to images that shooting at midday cannot provide. If the weather is truly awful then we'll reschedule for another day.

Family Portrait London
Kent Family Portrait
Kent Family Portrait

The final point is that I always try to keep a relaxed atmosphere. I will of course direct you from time to time but there is never any rush. I'm a down to earth person and whilst I do have a limit time wise, I'm not going to be cutting you off mid photo because the time is up! If it takes a little bit longer, then it takes a bit longer and vice versa. I guess the bigger limit will be your child's attention span!!

If you like my approach to family portraits then please do get in touch, I'd be happy to work together on creating some beautiful photos and memories. I live in Kent but also provide family portraits in London too! If you're on holiday or vacation in the UK and are tempted to have a family photo session whilst you're here, I'll be happy to organise something for you.

sam spicer is a London family portrait photographer based in kent and london, uk. He also spends part of the year in tokyo, japan.

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